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Automotive Excellence Inc. is the premier car muffler and exhaust shop in all of Huntington Beach, CA. We pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge and quality of our work. Car enthusiasts seek us out and come from far and wide to have their cars serviced by us. We carry all the top brands, including but not limited to Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Borla, Dynomax and Thrush. Whether you need a custom cat back exhaust system or require repairs on your factory muffler, we are the best in the industry.

Most of our clients are referred by other shops or friends and family. We have a friendly and helpful staff on hand to explain all available options. Most “full service” auto repair facilities do not offer muffler installation because they do not have the equipment and skill that is required to weld on automobiles. We are a true one stop shop, regardless of what your car may need, we have the resources to fix the problem and install performance upgrades.

Flowmaster vs Magnaflow

The main difference between Flowmaster and Magnaflow is the sound. Flowmaster is the sound preferred by Street Rod or Muscle Car owners. Magnaflow has a smoother, deeper sound, more suited to the new Mustangs and Chrysler products such as the Magnum, 300c, Charger and Challenger. Flowmaster is a chambered design and Magnaflow is a straight through design. The performance gains are comparable. Both Flowmaster and Magnaflow are available in different volumes, loud, medium and relatively quiet. Some other popular brands are Dynomax and Gibson, these are more on the quiet side. They also increase performance but the sound is much more mild. The sound and volume also depends a lot on the engine size, pipe size and whether there are catalytic converters or resonators involved. No two cars will sound exactly the same even if they have the same muffler installed.

We are an authorized dealer of the following brands:

  • Flowmaster

  • Magnaflow

  • Gibson Performance Exhaust

  • JBA

  • Patriot Exhaust

  • Doug’s Headers

  • Walker

  • Dynomax

  • Thrush

  • Car Sound

  • QTP

  • Different Trend

Cat-Back Exhaust

Cat-back exhaust is the name given to an exhaust system on vehicles that require catalytic converters to pass emissions tests. It starts behind the converter or converters, therefore Cat-back. The theory behind a cat-back is to let the exhaust flow as free as possible and stay legal. The advantage of a free flowing exhaust is to use more horse power to move the vehicle and less to push the exhaust through the (restrictive) stock muffler. This means better performance and acceleration. By using more of the engine’s energy to move the vehicle you will get better fuel mileage because you don’t have to push on the gas pedal as much to get the same results. It also takes less fuel to keep the vehicle at highway speeds.

There are many companies that manufacture cat-back systems for cars and tucks and even some motor homes. Magnaflow and Flowmaster are the most popular and moderately priced. Some of the other brands are Borla, Corsa, RBP, and Gibson. These will all improve performance and fuel mileage. (Fuel mileage will vary depending on driving conditions)

X-pipe vs H-pipe

X-pipes and H-pipes do similar things. They balance the exhaust pressure coming out of the engine. This makes the engine run much better and smoother. One other benefit is the exhaust note sounds the same coming out of each tail pipe. The H-pipe also acts as a resonation chamber and tones down the exhaust sound while the X-pipe acts as a scavenger pipe to accelerate the exhaust and improve performance that way. Both the H-pipe and X-pipe improve the lower end torque to improve acceleration on take off.

Exhaust Tips

When it comes to exhaust tips you have a huge choice of shapes, sizes and even material. Tips are most commonly available in chrome and stainless steel. There are round tips, square tips, dual tips, oval tips and resonated tips. Some are angle cut tips, rolled edge tips, pencil tips and even specialty tips. Most exhaust tips do not change the sound of the exhaust, but some do. In the case of resonated tips they have a small amount of packing in them that will vary the sound of the exhaust note slightly. In the case of Meg’s (the name brand famous for megaphone tips), they increase the sound of the exhaust. They are actually shaped like a megaphone. Stainless steel exhaust tips last much longer, but will discolor slightly sometimes, depending on the amount of heat they receive from the engine. Chrome exhaust tips will not discolor and will look pretty much as when you installed them, as long as they are maintained and kept clean. These exhaust tips vary in price depending on size, shape, material and manufacturer. We cary a wide variety of muffler and exhaust tips, call us or come by our shop to check them out.

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