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Get Relief with Ice Cold Air!

Repairing a car’s air conditioning system may involve various tasks ranging from maintaining refrigerant levels to replacing cooling fans. We offer everything from annual inspections to performance checks to diagnosis and replacement of system components at Automotive Excellence.

We can inspect your car if you are driving in a hot vehicle, especially in California during the summer months. It is priceless to drive your family around in ice-cold air and enjoy the comfort and peace of mind you receive!

Additionally, we can resolve the following problems:

  • A/C blowing hot

  • A/C is not blowing any air at all

  • Vents blocked

  • Funky odors

  • A/C component failure

  • A/C hose test and replacement

  • And more!

You should repair your air conditioner

Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • Maintaining your system preventatively ensures maximum performance throughout its lifecycle. Regular maintenance is one of the most significant investments on your car and will help keep it in good working condition.

Please schedule an appointment with our professionals, and let us ensure your A/C system is running efficiently!

Our Top-of-the-Line Air Conditioning Service & Repair

At our classic car repair shop, we provide reliable auto air conditioning service throughout Huntington Beach. We offer tailored air-conditioning installation, servicing, maintenance, and fast-response repairs by fully accredited and highly experienced technicians and engineers. The technician will perform an evacuation and recharge after performing a visual inspection and checking refrigerant levels to determine if there are any significant leaks within the system. Within a 5 mile radius of our Huntington Beach location, we provide comprehensive air conditioning service for all makes and models.

At Automotive Excellence, we have the necessary equipment to diagnose computerized components of the latest generation.

The following is a brief description of the significant components that make these a/c systems so effective:


A belt-driven pump attached to the engine is commonly referred to as the compressor, the system’s heart. It transfers refrigerant gas and compresses it.

It consists of two sides; discharge and suction, high-pressure and low-pressure. A compressor is a pump with an intake side and a discharge side. From the outlet of the evaporator, the intake side draws in refrigerant gas. Sometimes, it uses the accumulator for this.


Dissipation of heat occurs here. Condensers and radiators in cars have very similar functions, so their appearances are often identical. The condenser radiates heat. Most often, it is located in front of the radiator, but aerodynamic improvements may cause it to be found elsewhere. The system must have good air flow at all times.

Receiver (Drier):

In addition to serving as a storage container for the refrigerant, the receiver also acts as a drier, absorbing moisture and filtering out harmful acid and debris. A drier should be replaced every three to four years to ensure quality filtration and prevent chemical damage.

Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve

Orifice tubes (expansion valves) control refrigerant flow throughout a refrigeration system. In addition, it converts high-pressure liquid refrigerant (from the condenser) into low-pressure liquid, which allows it to enter the evaporator.


The evaporator is located inside the vehicle as a component responsible for heat absorption. The evaporator has several functions. Heat is removed from your car by it. Dehumidification is another benefit. The evaporator coil condenses moisture as warm air passes through its aluminum fins.

See our professionals, and we’ll make sure your A/C’s running smoothly!

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