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6 Car Maintenance Tips That Can Prevent Major Repair Costs

Maintaining your car can feel like an inconvenience from time to time. Changing the oils and coolants to filling tires can add to an already overfilled work schedule and budget. However, car care experts and enthusiasts can tell you that a few small maintenance activities here and there can save you a lot of money and trouble over the years. That’s why it is essential to diligently perform these maintenance routines.  Here are some maintenance tips you can follow [...]


7 Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption

With gas prices reaching an all-time high, taking out your car for regular drives can be heavy on your pocket. While you cannot do anything about the rising fuel prices, you can reduce your car’s fuel consumption by applying certain techniques. These techniques are better driving practices and care maintenance tips that enable your vehicle to increase its mileage.  Here are some ways to reduce your fuel consumption.  Keep your tires pumped up Keeping your tires pumped up is [...]


The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

Being a car enthusiast, you must know that cars require proper maintenance to stay in good condition. Taking your car to professionals like Automotive Excellence from time to time is a great way to maintain your vehicle. Taking care of your vehicle can help maintain your car and reduce repair and replacement expenses.  We can divide the maintenance routine of your car into two facets:  Short-term check-ups Oil and coolant levels You need to check the oil and coolant levels [...]


Everything You Need To Know About Brake Maintenance

Driving your car without proper brakes poses a grave threat. You can end up in an accident, injuring yourself and damaging your car severely. Maintaining your brakes is critical for your car’s performance and safety. Your car’s braking system is a complex piece of engineering, but it is ‌easy to maintain. Following the proper techniques, you can ensure that your brakes are always in excellent condition. Here’s everything you need to know to maintain your brakes.  Check brake pads [...]


Getting Your Classic Car Ready for a Car Show

All classic car owners are proud of their prized possessions and want to showcase them to everyone. However, showing off these rare beauties on the road isn't safe, nor does it do them justice. You should showcase your favorite classic cars only at a car show. There are over 65 classic car shows in the United States where you can participate and even win prizes. But for that, you need to ensure your classic car is in top condition.  [...]


5 Tips For Maintaining Your Classic Car

When it comes to cars, nothing beats a classic. If you own one, you know that already. Classic cars are a great addition to any car collection but require proper maintenance and care to retain their sleek appeal. Merely cleaning your car and keeping it indoors isn't enough to maintain the glamor of a classic car. Caring for your classic car requires a bit more effort.  Here are some tips for maintaining your classic car in a pristine condition! [...]


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