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The links below provide very valuable information regarding the auto repairs and auto services that may be neccessary on your vehicle. Our main goal is to educate you about your car. We also want to show you how to properly maintain your automobiles so they last as long as possible. At Automotive Excellence Inc. we take auto care very seriously. The most important reason to be diligent regarding auto care is because when you catch a problem early on you can prevent increased damage to your car and escalated cost to you.

See below and learn about the different components and systems in your are car, how they work and how they can potetionally become damaged. You will also find useful information about what to look, listen, and even smell for when you drive your car. Many times there are warning signs leading up to a potential safetly hazard and damage to your vehicle if you know how to spot them.

If you find this information useful, and we are sure you will, please let your friends and family know by sending them a link to this page.

Alternator & Car Battery

Brake Repair

Catalytic Converter

Check Engine Light – ECU

Engine Repair

Fuel Pump & Fuel Injection

Muffler & Exhaust System

Radiator, Water Pump, & Cooling System

Smog Check & Emissions

Steering And Suspension

Transmission Repair



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