The holiday season is here, and it’s time to celebrate with friends and family. Your vehicle will play a key role in helping you to travel to different places. Therefore, for a stress-free holiday session, having your vehicle in good condition is essential. Preventive maintenance is the best way to ensure your car runs smoothly during winter and doesn’t have to make emergency detours to the mechanic

Here are some preventive maintenance tips for safer and smoother holiday travel. 

Check the antifreeze

Antifreeze of coolant is one of the most crucial elements of your car that keeps the engine in good condition. Antifreeze is a blend of chemicals and water that prevents the water from freezing during winter and damaging the engine. Before you start your holiday travels, ensure to check your antifreeze strength and replace it if it isn’t up to par. 

Change your oil

Another essential component of your car is the oil which keeps your engine running smoothly. If you are not using synthetic oil for your machine, winter is the best time to switch if your car manufacturer says your car can work with synthetics. Synthetic oil is smoother in your engine and doesn’t need to warm up too much, so it works well during winter. Even if you don’t have synthetics, checking the oil before making long journeys is good. 

Maintain your battery

Batteries go under a lot of pressure during summers, and their effects show up during winters. That’s why batteries run down during winter. To prevent that from happening during your holiday travels, check them at the mechanic before leaving. Charge them or replace them if necessary. 

Ensure visibility

Visibility is always crucial, regardless of the season. However, during winters, when the weather outside is foggy and snow storms keep happening, a limited vision can be a killer. Hence, before you take your car out during the holiday season, you must ensure full visibility. Check your car’s fog lights, tail lights, and headlights, and repair or replace them if they malfunction. Keep the windshield clean, change the wiper blades and fill the washer tank with deicing fluid. 

Inspect the tires

Tires are your saviors on slippery snow trodden winter roads. However, it’s not the tire itself but the traction they create that prevents your car from slipping. Hence, you need to inspect your tires to check whether they have ample grooves to maintain traction on winter roads. If they don’t, replace them. Also, maintain the air pressure of your tires at the proper levels to reduce the burden on your car. 

Keep some deicing chemicals handy

If you can’t get into the car, you are not going anywhere this holiday season. If your vehicle is covered in snow, you need to remove it using deicing chemicals and fluids from the car doors, windows, and windshields. Hence always keep them handy during winter. 

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