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Steering and Suspension

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The steering and suspension systems in your car work together to make sure you get to your destination safetly and enjoy the ride as well. A problem with the steering in your car is a serious issue, and should be brought to us immediately for a diagnosis and repair. Suspension problems can occur over time due to wear or harsh driving conditions. Regardless of how it happened, if your car is not riding like it used to, you may need to replace the shock absorbers or repair other parts of the suspension system. Automotive Excellence Inc. has expert mechanics and a friendly staff ready to help you.

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What happens when you turn the steering wheel?

When it comes to crucial automotive systems, steering is right up there with the engine and the brakes. You know that when you turn the steering wheel in your car, the wheels turn. But a lot of interesting stuff goes on between the steering wheel and the tires to make this happen.

For a car to turn smoothly, each wheel must follow a different circle. Since the inside wheel is following a circle with a smaller radius, it is actually making a tighter turn than the outside wheel. The geometry of the steering linkage makes the inside wheel turn more than the outside wheel.

The geometry of steering

What happens when you turn the steering wheel

Rack-and-pinion steering is quickly becoming the most common type of steering on cars, small trucks and SUVs.

Recirculating-ball steering is used on many trucks and SUVs today. The linkage that turns the wheels is slightly different than on a rack-and-pinion system.

Most cars now have power steering: either they have Rack-and-pinion steering or Recirculating-ball steering

Steering wheel parts

steering parts, power steering

There are other components in power steering in addition to the rack-and-pinion or recirculating-ball mechanism. There is a hydraulic system and a pump.The hydraulic power for the power steering is provided by the pump. This pump is driven by the car's engine via a belt and pulley.

5 signs your steering needs attention

Your suspension system affects the performance of you vehicle

When people think of automobile performance, they normally think of horsepower. But all of the power generated by an engine is useless if you can't control the car. The job of a car suspension is to provide steering stability with good handling and to ensure the comfort of the passengers. If a road were perfectly flat, suspensions wouldn't be necessary. But roads are far from flat. The two most important jobs of the suspension are. Ride (a car's ability to smooth out a bumpy road) and Handling (a car's ability to safely accelerate, brake and corner) A car's well maintained suspension, with its various components, provides good handling and a smooth ride.

Inside view of suspension shock absorber

suspension shock absorber

All modern shock absorbers are velocity-sensitive -- the faster the suspension moves, the more resistance the shock absorber provides. This enables shocks to adjust to road conditions and to control all of the unwanted motions that can occur in a moving vehicle.

5 Signs Your suspension needs attention