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Video testamonial by: Todd Graves - Huntington Beach, CA - 2005 Nissan Murano

Video testamonial by: Michael Huoh - Huntington Beach, CA - Cadillac CTS

Video testamonial by: Clive Friedenrich - Huntington Beach, CA - 1967 Mustang Ford

Video testamonial by: Frank Chen - Lake Forrest, CA - 1991 Ford Mustang GT

Video testimonial by: Nathan Coleman - Huntington Beach, CA - 2006 Dodge Charger

Video testimonial by: Bill Crisp - Garden Grove, CA - 1996 Plymouth Voyager

Video testimonial by: Mary Heumann - Westminster, CA - 1989 Toyota Tercel

Video testimonial by: DJ Duronslet - Fountain Valley, CA - 2000 VW Cabrio

Video testimonial by: Gene Bamsey - Fountain Valley, CA - 1937 Chevy 2 door sedan

1937 Chevrolet Sedan auto repair

SEMA - Magnaflow testamonial SEMA - testamonial

"Thanks for the help! AUTOMOTIVE EXCELLENCE IS #1" - Will Powers No. 12

Will Powers repair

"I would have sent this sooner, but work and school take up alot of my time.
Hi Evi!
Don't worry, I won't lick your face. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all that you've done with my nova. Also, to let you know I'm bringing her in next month for the deferential fluid." - Thanks again, Mary C & Nova [07/03/2009]

Repair Chevrolet Nova

"Evi & Alex,
Thak you so much for the work you put into my car. You went above and beyond. It means so much to me, the smog was such a burden and now its gone. I feel like I am driving a brand new car. Enjoy your chocolates. It feels like you are the last honest mechanic in the world. Thank you! See you next time my car gets sick :)" - Always, Krystle Vaters [04/30/2008]

Honest Mechanic Smog repair

Via Email
From:Bobby Johnson
To:Automotive Excellence
Subject: jeep
Sent: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 13:42:09

"Hey evi its bobby i just wanted to let you knwo how freakin happy i am my jeep hasn't run this great since i bought it and i know guys just did the work that needed to be done but i'm so happy with it and your guys work no rattling from my exhaust!! i will be definitely sending many people your way thank guys keep up the good work"

"I like the way it sounds, and I cannt be any happyer. Thanks again for all you did. PS - It all done now." - Carol Lyman

exhast repair