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If you are looking to upgrade performance parts on your car, you have come to the right place. Automotive Excellence Inc. has a team of experts ready to help you get the most from your car. We sell and install headers, cold air intake kits, coilovers and every other performance part available on the market. We also fabricate specialty parts and do custom modifications. No job is too big or too small. Our clients are car builders, restorers and modifiers. We work on race cars, classic cars, muscle cars, imports and late models. Check out the customer cars page to see examples of our work and the cars that we work on. Car enthusiasts only trust their cars to best in the business, and that's us, Automotive Excellence Inc. in Huntington Beach, CA.

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Custom Headers - Fabrication

custom headers

As the video and photo above shows, we fabricate custom headers. For this GTO we fabricated and installed a full exhaust system: headers, down pipes, h-pipe, mid-pipes, mufflers, tail pipes and tips. We also reconfigure and repair headers, check out this great example of a 1970 Maveric.

We also install after market performance headers. Headers work to reduce back pressure in the engine; when back pressure is reduced, horse power is increased. And more power, equals more fun! The idea is to give each cylinder its own exhaust pipe as opposed to the shared manifold in a factory application. Reduced back pressure is achieved by making each pipe the same length; therefore, every time a piston fires the exhaust is evenly spaced and does not interfere with the next piston to fire.

Automotive Excellence Inc. carries all the top brands:

Cold Air Intake - Increase Gas Mileage AND Performance!

K&N Air filters, cold air intake

If you are looking to increase gas mileage and horse power, we also sell and install K&N cold air intake kits. An engine needs air to burn fuel; the easier an engine can breathe the more efficiently it can burn the fuel and thus increase performance and gas mileage. In a time when gas prices keep rising week to week and sometimes day to day, increasing gas mileage turns into more dollars in your pocket. We carry all the major brands. We are also an authorized K&N air filter and intake kit dealer.

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Coilovers - Lowering Springs

coilovers - lowering kitlowering springs, coilovers

Are you looking for a shop to lower your car or truck, and do it right? We sell and install coilovers, lowering springs, and lowering kits. By lowering your vehicle you increase the handling and look of your car. See the before and after pictures of a client who wanted to lower his truck.

coilovers - lowering kitlowering springs, coilovers

If there is a performance mod you want, we have it.

We also install power programmers, performance chips, cross-drilled rotors and any other performance modification you can think of. We have honest mechanics and a friendly staff to help make recommendations and provide information to help you make the right performance decision. Bring your car to professionals and get the job done right.

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